Edward Fleischman, CEO of Tandym Group, Featured in Forbes

New York, April, 2014—Edward Fleischman, Chairman and CEO of Tandym Group, was featured in a recent Forbes article discussing the rise in selectivity amongst qualified job candidates in the current marketplace and how companies can retain their top employees through “stay interviews.”

In the article, In The War On Talent, Use ‘Stay Interviews’ To Retain Great Employees, author Cheryl Conner highlights the importance of conducting stay interviews or informal reviews between a manager and employee to discuss progress, ideas, and/or any job-related issues. These candid reviews help managers build open relationships of trust with valued team members.

Ed explains that in order to retain top talent, proactivity is key. “You never want to wait until someone resigns to get feedback on why they have decided to leave for another opportunity.”

You can read the article, here.