Tandym Group Launches Newly Optimized Website

New York, October, 2013 – Tandym Group is pleased to announce the launch of their recently optimized website, which marks the next step of their exciting brand update that was unveiled last year.

As technology evolves and becomes more engrained in the hiring process, the number of professionals searching for jobs on a mobile device increases every year. With this in mind, the firm decided to utilize adaptive technology in order to display content optimized for different devices —computers, tablets, or smartphones. As part of Tandym Group’s commitment to providing a truly personalized experience for all stakeholders while remaining dedicated to high quality service, the Tandym site now automatically adjusts to fit any screen size. That way, all users can get instant, easy-to-read access no matter where they are or what device they’re using.

To view the new site technology, users can view tandymgroup.localhost on any device.