Tandym Group Releases Their 2014 Regional Hiring Guide

New York, January, 2014 – Tandym Group, a leading recruitment, temporary staffing, and retained search firm, is pleased to announce the release of their 2014 Regional Hiring Outlook whitepaper.

The hiring guide aims to educate both employers and jobseekers on the factors and trends that affect the strength of the workplace in the recovering U.S. economy. The 2014 Regional Hiring Outlook whitepaper analyzes both employment and skill trends that will be prevalent in 2014 while identifying which industries will implement steady hiring practices throughout the year.

Tandym Group’s projections for 2014 are unique in the fact that they are truly regional. “We started as a regional firm, and remain one to this day,” said Ed Fleischman, CEO of Tandym Group. “The vast majority of our clients are located in the Northeast, and the trends that affect business in one region of the country may vary greatly compared to other areas. As a result, we felt it was valuable to educate our stakeholders about the regional hiring trends that will specifically affect them in the coming year.”

A couple notable trends that the firm derived from their data is that clients across industry sectors noted that, when hiring, they are experiencing a skills shortage and putting greater emphasis on “soft skills,” such as communication skills, analytical thinking skills, and drive/initiative. As Ed stated, “We felt it was important to inform our stakeholders of these findings, so they had a stronger understanding of what they may need to emphasize or improve upon to put their best foot forward.”

To collect their data, Tandym Group surveyed 195 clients across the New York City Tri-State area and Greater Boston. The majority of respondents were hiring decision makers who hold C-Level, Director, or Managerial titles and work within these industry sectors: Accounting, Financial Services, Healthcare, Human Resources, Legal, and Office Support.

To learn more about Tandym Group’s projected 2014 hiring trends, the 2014 Regional Hiring Outlook whitepaper can be downloaded, here.